Registration & Account Activation


  1. How to register to IndosatM2 e-learning?

Select Registration in menu, fill your data at registration form and submit. After that, wait for an activation email at your personnal email account.


  1. How to activate account at IndosatM2 e-learning?

Click link at the activation email after you receive it and you are logged in instantly. If the link cannot be clicked, simply copy and paste the link in your browser.


  1. What should I do if I haven't received email for account activation in more than 24 hours.

Select Account Activation in menu and re-enter username and email address that you used at the registration. The system will resend the activation email. If you still haven't received the activation email, please contact IndosatM2 e-learning administrator.


Adding Balance

  1. How to add balance at IndosatM2 e-learning?


For further information, please select Payment in menu.

a.      Transfer

b.      You can download/print the transfer form. Fill out and fax to IM@ Education Center

c.      SMS

d.      In order to be able to make purchase through SMS, make sure that  mobile number is registered, the type im2learn [space] 1 (for balance Rp. 10000) or 2 (for balance Rp.25000) and send it to 6789. Please complete the following steps if your mobile number has not been registered yet :

         Click on validation button

         Make sure the mobile number is correct. You can change your mobile number from the My Account form.

         Click on validation button to get validation code that is sent to your mobile

         Insert validation code and press OK

         You are ready to add balance



  1. What is the difference between online course and download course?

Online course refers to predefined online course program that offers many activities such as discussion forum, online assignment, online quiz, chat, virtual class, etc. This course has specific timetable. You can enroll to this course by purchasing the desired course.


Download course is a set of materials that can be directly downloaded after you purchase it. The course has no time limits. You can purchase it anytime. You have 1 (one) week time to download the course after you purchase it.



  1. How to purchase course at IndosatM2 e-learning?

You must firstly follow the purchase flow: Shopping cart, verification & purchase confirmation

a.      In the View Shopping cart form, you can view table of to be purchased items with information such as :

         Course: Course name that is going to be purchased

         Code: Course code that is going to be purchased

         Type: Course type whether it is online or download

         Price: Course price

b.      If you like to purchase another course, you can choose Continue Shopping menu, but if you want to purchase the course you can select Checkout menu

c.      After pressing checkout, you will be asked to verify. If you agree than the balance will reduced and you can preview the purchased course from the My Course menu.


  1. How to access courses that I have bought?

List of courses that you've bought can be seen in My Course menu. Courses that are still in active period will still visible in the My Course menu. For online course, the active period is equal to the course lifetime, while for download course, the active period refers to period where user can download the course after the user purchased (1 week).